Allow It To Be More powerful With Video and placement-Based Marketing!

Today the new subject in marketing is video and tomorrow it may be another element of video. It’s exactly how the pace goes today with digital.

Change is the specific game in digital today. As video is diversifying its face more strongly into individual marketing campaigns, the amount of users are not only seen effecting the expected returns but they are also playing an enormous element in the way small-medium business gravitate to marketing and directly impacting how Location-based marketing and technologies are shaping itself for that present and future. Location-based services (LBS), otherwise known as closeness marketing, taps into smart-phones and mobile GPS’, and it is becoming the preferred highways for local information. So, the greater users make use of these location services, the higher they start to integrate these concepts into normal marketing campaigns and ideally dwindle foreign towards the US market.

* Almost one fifth (19%) from the world’s six billion mobile users happen to be using LBS. 1

* Navigation via maps and Gps navigation is presently typically the most popular application, utilized by 46% 1

You will find that video and LBS’s essentially go hands-and-hands. Thinking about that all the LBS’s platform’s data are powered via local Gps navigation and aimed at attracting local audiences or targeted segments. These platforms depend on gps for geography. Does not matter if your are using TagWhat, Viddy (the #1 Free Android Application by 4/27/12), or any other platforms like Foursquare and Go Walla all of them provide information to users according to their mobile location. So, therefore when working with marketing with video, it’s much more crucial that business executive stay fresh using their aligned marketing platforms and campaigns and never hesitate to produce highly engaging environments on these location-based platforms or using the many services of Location-Based Advertising (uses tools for example Gps navigation and geo-fencing to discover prospective customers and send them messages) and Blue-tooth/Wireless (this enables bandwith over short distances. If you have used a radio phone headset, it most likely was Blue-tooth or Wireless).

Say for instance, you are someone store or business that interacts having a high amount of event attendees you might like to explore installing closeness built around blue-tooth and Wireless to improve your audience engagements with highly personal and individualized marketing promotions. So when a device comes in your vicinity (300-500 ft), your targeted audiences will get a unique call-to-action encouraging the need to look, interact or patronize the company inside a personal manner as well as in real-time. The returns and amount of transmissions are not only seen limitless but instant. Because the primary denominator is distance and/or are the tool and the receiving cell phone. One primary benefit is the opportunity to transmit various file types and formats to devices. Another advantage is the price of this highly lucrative and personalized program ideally totaling merely a couple of $ 100 every month and includes executive level reports as well as in-depth analytics on dwell occasions, traffic patterns and behavior profiles.

Maybe you are thinking about additional marketing ideas, you shouldn’t be afraid to head to the uncharted regions of location-based tools and techniques. Though these marketing strategies continue to be underutilized here in america, they have proven to right away open more powerful communication channels and make uncharted possibilities that could be the deciding element in your ROI’s.

The advantages are endless however the returns offer the following:

* Its “Real-Time” analytics with detailed reporting metrics to trace campaign initiatives and appraise the overall success of performance.

* A developed strategy and marketing strategy for execution including allowing the aligned elements and areas for creative or design including mobile and web.

* Help set realistic and actionable goals which are attainable and aligned using the strategic business plans & company’s strategies

* This is an integrated (multi-funnel) advertising tool which is used to improve consumer encounters, boost customer interactions and delivers instant returns.

* Real-Time Marketing with wealthy generated user-content for much better customer engagement

* A mix balance between compensated media (PPC, Display & Banner), earned media (Social & Consumer Interaction) and owned media (Content, Web/Mobile & etc).

Singtel Media understands that location based marketing is very important especially when catering to a specific market. Like in the case of a product related to the youth, marketing in and around school and college campuses will help reap faster and better results.