Composite Decking is Always the First Choice Due to Hassle Free Maintenance

When homeowners are busy enough to maintain their deck they switch to composite decking. With time, the usage of composite decking has reached its optimum. It is made from wood fiber plastic and is more durable than natural wood. Wood deck has always been a trouble when it is about maintenance. They warp and excessive heat and moisture creates cracks in it thereby, giving that creaky noise every time you step on it. 

Composite decks are compressed and heated to make them durable. Due to proper process they are difficult to damage also scratches and discolor is minimal.  Due to fibers, binders and fillers, they also resist swelling and shrinking, which is common in natural wood. However, not each composite deck is good in quality. That is why to get the best out of your money, you should always go for fiberon decking.

Fiberon makes products from recycled material and use 98% of waste material. This helps in cleaning the environment and keeping it healthy and safe. Since they use recycled product, they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

As we read about composite decking and its benefits in installing. Let us know why it is important in comparison to other products –

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Plastic Lumber


Wood is being used in building houses for years. It definitely gives natural effect. However, when exposed to direct sunlight and moisture they start reacting and give adverse effects. Moreover, increased use of wood in the market has shortened the growth of trees. This is bad for nature. When the quality of wood deteriorates, it cracks, makes noise, you can see molds and termites start feeding it. After sometime the furniture looks rotten and needs substitute.


PVC is far better than wood and is mostly used in many houses. However, according to research it is made by the most hazardous chemicals. It isn’t easy to recycle this product and it releases chemicals in the air which is harmful for any one, human kind or animals, breathing it.

Plastic Lumber

It is durable and more efficient and eco friendly than any other material. Since plastic is sensitive to high temperature, therefore certain minerals are added to strengthen its quality. Moreover, plastic also remains resistant to molds, termites, rot, insects and water.

That is why composite decking is far more in demand nowadays. People are more concerned about maintenance than the cost involved in initial installation. They understand that if they try to save money now by purchasing a cheap quality, then they will have to pay every year to repair it.