Few Reasons to Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes Car

Ownership experience of having a Mercedes car can be very exciting but how many of us can really afford to purchase a brand-new Mercedes car? However, there is a way out and if you decide to buy a certified pre-owned car from any Mercedes dealer, you can get the luxury and comfort of driving a Mercedes car and at the same time you will get warranty support from the company too. The best part is that you can buy the car at a depreciated price.

Let us further explore about various benefits of buying a used Mercedes car from any authorized Mercedes car dealer.

  • You will get best value for your money

If you are buying a certified pre-owned car from Mercedes-Benz then it goes through stringent inspection by the company engineers and technicians. Usually such variety of cars are never more than six years old and do not run more than 75.000 miles. Therefore, you can drive the car for long years. The car goes through stringent inspection and that includes the following:

  1. Normal inspection
  2. Engine check before taking to road
  3. Various engine component check and system conditions
  4. All electrical checks
  5. Chassis and body check
  6. Full road test
  7. Appearance inspection

All this check consists of 164-point check which is conducted by company engineers.

  • Company warranty

You will get the warranty service for your pre-owned vehicle almost like any new car. In addition to that Mercedes also provides optional extended warranty for another one to two years. Thus, you can enjoy the warranty service almost like any new Mercedes car with the purchase of used car at a depreciated price.

  • Pre-paid maintenance

By paying certain amount you can enjoy pre-paid maintenance which will not only offer you to save on maintenance but also get the service and best attention from the trained technicians and engineers from Mercedes-Benz.

  • Get your car financed

Since you are buying certified pre-owned car from Mercedes-Benz, you will get the option to finance for the car and for that you can get all the necessary help and support from the dealer. You may also get better rate of interest and as a result you will end up paying lower monthly instalment for the car.

  • Few additional benefits

In addition to the above you can have 24/7 assistance from the company like any emergency help in case the car breakdown happens or car tire gets flat etc. You can also get nation-wide dealer support.