How Medical Shelving Systems Impact Overall Safety

The investment facilities make in their medical shelving systems impact the safety of their workers and the patients they serve. The fast-paced nature of the work means there’s no time for staffers to waste trying to find an important file or piece of equipment. Patients should never have to worry that improper storage might lead to a situation that directly impacts their health.

How Does It Impact Workers?

Workers should never fear that a shelf will fall over on them if they reach up to pull down an important file. It can be difficult to do that when you have flimsy shelving, especially if it’s crammed into an office or facility with limited space.

Inadequate medical shelving systems can also lead to lost records. A lack of space might cause workers to squeeze something wherever they can at the moment with the intent of reorganizing everything later. This could lead to:

  • Information being misfiled
  • Records being permanently lost
  • Accidental destruction of personal data

How Can It Impact Patients?

Most data thefts making the news today involve the digital world. But it’s still important that healthcare facilities holding patient information in a physical format keep it safe from exposure. If your office has no way to limit access to medical records with secure storage solutions, you risk files getting out and revealing that patient’s medical information to the public.

The same poor medical shelving systems that lead to bad records keeping could cause the loss of medical information important to the ongoing care of a patient.

You risk exposing your staff and the patient to problems like:

  • Bad medical recommendations
  • An inability to provide information to other treating physicians
  • Impacting the patient’s ability to get referrals for other medical treatment

What Should You Be Looking For?

Your medical shelving systems should take the specific needs of your facility into account. Pharmacies need secure cabinets and drawers to lock away medications. Medical offices need shelving systems that allow them to organize medical files in a way that makes it easy to find anyone’s information at a moment’s notice. The caddy’s hospital staff depend on should let them easily transport medical supplies anywhere in the building.

Take into account the amount of space you have to work with. Look for solutions that maximize what you have without sacrificing your staff’s ability to move around. You don’t want something that makes noise every time you access it, causing things to be loud and confusing.

Putting in an effective medical shelving system helps your facility run smoothly and eases the day to day burden on your medical staff.