Importance of Being a Social Worker

Living in a world filled with injustice is tough and complicated. It is why there is a need of having committed people who are willing to make a difference in people’s lives. It is precisely why there is need for a social worker.

 They play an essential role in the society by committing themselves to change the community positively. The importance of being a social worker is evident in any community as they aim at improving the lives of the disadvantaged in the society. They, for instance, help individuals of any age survive and grow in their local environment. They also advocate for those who have lost their voice in the society.

Although they avail their services to people of any age in disadvantaged and vulnerable societies, social workers in most cases deal with children. Their impact on the community is visible since if it weren’t for them, many children would grow without the necessary support. They have therefore made it possible for countless children to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Who is a social worker?

A social worker is an important society member who betters the lives of any individual by relieving sufferings. Their primary target is especially the children in families who are affected by poverty, addiction, disability, abuse, mental illness, unemployment, and discrimination.

Social workers do not work by themselves when solving social problems. They work closely with clients who assists them to invent and innovate ways of resolving social challenges. The clients also play a vital role in empowering social workers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and finances when improving social circumstances and people’s overall life.


For you to be a professional social worker, you require a bachelor’s, doctoral or masters in social service or social work. You must undergo some supervised fieldworks. Since education equips you with only the theoretical knowledge, it is important that you also have the calling. You should fully dedicate your life to research and practice in the field.


  • Creates a support system which helps promote equality

There is always hope in despair. There are times when people go through the darkest part of life; this person can find hope from the support of others. It is, therefore, the work of a social worker to be the hope of the vulnerable.

  • Promote social justice

One of the importance of being a social worker involves advocating for others for others who may not have a voice in the society. It is their profession to call for justice for the marginalized group. With an increase in hate speech which further promotes injustice such as racism, social workers are vital.

  • Promote education

Social workers take it upon themselves to sensitize the public and encourage social work. For instance, social workers teach the public about HIV/AIDS and help reduce stigmatization levels. It is the only job which addresses human needs.