Rat Control Reading – Remain Vigilant

Pest controllers and the media have estimated that the number of rats in the UK exceeds 15 million and the rat population continues to expand. The Reading area is no exception and pest control firms are in constant demand. For business and home owners in this area, it is imperative to be vigilant for rats and proactive about property maintenance and repairs and cleanliness, particularly in food storage, preparation and dining areas.

Rats are happy to consume almost anything to survive, including pet and livestock food and waste from bins.

A Rat Is an Opportunist

When rats realise their chance to enjoy a warm, secluded home with access to food and water they grasp it eagerly and may invite some fellow rats to join them. In this respect, they are like humans.

Rats only need a small gap or crack in the eaves, a door, window, roof or floorboard to enter a property and become a health and safety risk to you, your staff and visitors. An ignored piece of repair work could prove costlier than you imagined.

Rats gnaw through brickwork, timber and electrical cabling, a clear fire risk.

They build their nests by scavenging. Loft insulation, paper, cardboard and any other materials that appear suitable will be purloined.

Few business owners wish to add rodent control to their daily tasks but pre-empting a problem is your best defence against a rat infestation and pest control measures. 

Health and hygiene

Rats carry bacteria and can cause serious health risks including Salmonellosis, Weil’s Disease and E-Coli, all of which can prove fatal in vulnerable people. A dead rat may still have live bacteria on it. Never handle a rat, dead or alive. Call rat control Reading experts who have the knowledge and PPE to ensure they are safe. Comprehensive cleaning of any area rats inhabited or travelled through is vital. 

Pest control obligation

Under the 1949 Prevention of Damage by Pest Act. (PDPA) the property owner has a legal obligation to ensure that a pest issue does not spread to adjacent premises.

Local authorities vary in the level of assistance they offer but this is not a valid excuse for rodent control avoidance. 

Trust specialists for optimum results

Rat control Reading specialists including Pest Control Berkshire have access to professional and more effective rodent control treatments than the public. If you aim to cut costs by taking the DIY treatment route, this often proves counterproductive and presents risks to the people and other animals in the property.

Rats are intelligent, sensitive and loyal so they won’t obligingly consume an obvious poison, they’ll scamper away to tell their friends that a hazard exists. Moreover, rats have grown resistant to many over the counter treatments and can ingest poison as if it were a foodstuff with no ill effects. A professionally qualified pest controller appreciates the wisdom of rodents and that strong, licensed products secure peace of mind and emphatic rat eradication.

For cost effective and efficient rodent control please contact Pest Control Berkshire today.