The Announcements And Prevalence of IT Throughout Assam

Assam is famous for tea manufacturing and it has been the number one state for Tea export in India. The state has routed to develop Assam Career for youths. Over 10000 TET qualified school faculties in various Assam schools were appointed in the year of 2017-18.

Other appointments:

The Assam state also confirmed over 700 doctors appointment in government hospitals. This has been the huge boost to the state economy. Apart from this announcement, the government made many such announcements in favor of the state’s growth.

Initiatives taken:

  • Silpi and Kalakaushali Kalyan Nidhi would be constituted in which Rs. One would be collected from cine-goers.
  • The fund would be used for welfare creation for cinema technicians and artists
  • The fund would also enhance the share of film produces

The First state cabinet meeting:

During the first cabinet meeting of the Assam government many announcements were made

  • Formation of District Mineral foundation of Rehabilitation of the persons affected in mining activities
  • The same would be funded from the fees to be paid by the mining lease holders
  • Majuli Sub-Division would be upgraded to a district and would be inaugurated soon

The Assam Government apart from providing Assam govt job to youths, wanted to make internet facility to its state.

The state signed a MoU with Google India Pvt. Ltd to take internet facility to the remotest part of the Assam. Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that his government interested in offering internet connection to 1500 tea garden areas and 26000 villages in Assam under the MoU in order to increase digital knowledge.

Google India Country Head (Policy) Chetan Krishnaswami and Information Technology Secretary Nitin Khare signed the MoU in the presence of the Chief Minister Sonowal. The chief minister said that he wanted to afford the technology to all over his state, particularly to the remote corners.

The MoU would be used as a Launchpad to achieve the vision towards women empowerment, universal education and skill development. The Chief Ministered asked the Information Technology Department to take initiatives to reach the IT knowledge throughout the state.

Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said every government employee should take care of their parents. If they do not protect their parents, then the government would deduct a part from the employee’s salary and the same would be given to their parents for their lives.

Giving value to the ‘swadeshi values’, the finance minister proposed to reimburse each employee spent up to Rs.1000 towards the purchase of two sets of khadi or handloom apparel annually. This proposal is to increase the popularity of handloom and khadi wearing among the employees and to help in promoting handloom and khadi industries in Assam.

Mr. Sarma said that Rs.287 crore has been allocated for paying Rs.5000/- to each of 6.5 lakh tea plantation workers who had opened their bank accounts. A separate allocation was made to transfer Rs.12000 in the account of each pregnant plantation woman.