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The benefits of polyurethane foam in concrete lifting

Polyurethane foam is widely used for concrete lifting these days and it has proved to be one of the most chosen materials by the building constructors. Well, it is because of the fact that this special material comes with some very special characteristics. One of the most important characteristics of this foam is that is quite versatile in nature and not only concrete lifting, but it can be used in insulating rooms and roofs too. When used for lifting concrete this material expands and fills in all the gaps in the concrete and lifts it. The inert characteristics of the material also keep the concrete lifted for years to come without any risk of damages.

How is polyurethane foam used for concrete lifting?

Very small holes are bored strategically around the affected area. The foam some in two parts and are injected into the holes with the help of a calibrated injection machine. The two parts of the polyurethane foam combine inside and a chemical reaction happens which expands the foam and the polyurethane foam concrete lifting occurs. Inside the concrete, the foam seeps in and fills all the gaps and voids to create the lift. The foam is injected into the concrete until it reaches the required height. The foam also helps in stabilizing the soil underneath and provides a permanent lift. After the concrete is lifted, the holes are sealed with high-density cement to make it a permanent solution.

Let us check out the benefits of polyurethane foam in the lifting of concrete

  • Very few and small holes are required to be made in order to fill in the foam inside the concrete
  • After the foams are filled in, the holes will be almost unnoticeable
  • The polyurethane foam gets cured in almost no time and is ready for service within fifteen minutes
  • It is lightweight, dense and strong
  • The foam finds its own ways inside the cracks of concrete and fills in the gaps
  • Polyurethane foam does not get affected by the weather condition. It does not get damaged by the chemicals in the soil or the moisture.
  • The foam retains its strength and structure and reduces the risk of settlement or any new gaps
  • It is an environment-friendly material that is quite inert in its properties and thus does not seep.
  • During expansion, this foam seeks out the weakened soil which helps in creating a stronger base.

There are few other benefits that one can get from using polyurethane foam for lifting concrete.