Water saving tips for your home this spring  

During the spring season, it is a tradition for most households to partake in thorough cleaning. Also, most households revamp their lawns by vigorous watering. However, if not careful, such and other home chores could escalate your annual water bills.

Below are the top tips on water conversation for your household:

Garden watering early and late in the evening

Gardening provides the greatest water savings if you water your plants before 9 am. When you water early in the morning, the water soaks into the roots and is available to the plants all day long. As such, water your plants early in the morning daily and or late in the evening, at around 6 pm could save you more water.

Check your sprinkle runtime

In addition to this routine, consider checking your sprinkle runtime. Some sprinklers have a higher watering rate and lowering their runtime will save you water and maintain a healthy garden. Depending on your particular residence, it is a good idea to have a water tank installed so that you can advantage of rainwater to use in your garden instead of using tap water.

Another step to saving water in gardening involves the conversion of verge lawns into water-wise alternatives. Waterwise garden designs reduce water requirements which saves you more water.

Also, watch on your in-house water usage, for example, you can save more water by substituting baths for showers.

Fix water leakage

First, make sure your home is free of water leakage. Installing advanced technologies to detect leaks can help you check water usage and seal leaks. With the help of a professional Houston plumbing company, you can install such technologies in your home and put the problem of water leakage to rest, permanently.

Also, maintaining clean filter pads and flow control helps in the identification of leaks. Investing in efficient household appliances will result in efficient water usage and minimal wastage if any. You should always ensure that all your appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers come with a high-efficiency rating.

Set your AC “to fan only.”

Your AC uses about 100 liters of water every year. Setting your AC to function in “fan only” mode for at least a couple of hours per day, during the night, and during humid days helps you realize significant water savings.

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