What Are The Easiest Ways To Locate The Carpenter Ants?

If you have noticed carpenter ants in your property, it’s high time to do your best to remove them. Particularly, if your house is a wooden foundation, it’s mandatory to take immediate action to remove the ants at the earliest convenience. The fourmis charpentières, unlike the termites, don’t eat wood but they only nest there. If you don’t take a serious step, you’ll find the ants infiltrating in your food and water which is not at all a happy picture.

Here are some easiest ways to locate the carpenter ants—

The basic difference between carpenter ants and termites

Before you start searching the nests, know the basic difference between the carpenter ants and the termites. The former is black in color with three sectioned body and bent antennae. The working ones work on the grounds while the reproducing ants have wings. The termites are light colored with long antennae. You will find the black ants nesting on wood but they don’t consume it like the termites.

Look out for the frass

 You can easily identify whether there are carpenter ants or not by finding the frass. You’ll find the frass underneath any wooden furniture or a frame which will denote that the ants have started boring it and are making their nests inside the wood. You might find the soft dust to be wooden particles but basically, these are the debris indicating you have serious ant issues in your house and you need to fix the things right now.

Fix the wooden damage and leaks

If you find any of the wooden furniture have small holes or that of your wooden floor, fill it up with sealants or glue as fast as you can. This is the best way to stop the carpenter ants before they start devouring the wooden frames, doors, furniture, floor, and wall into pieces only with the hope of making nests.

If you find any water leakage, use sealants to stop it or call the plumber to do the needful for stopping the constant leakage issue.

Set for a bait

You can have some plates full of glue where you can trap the ants and remove them from your home. But for that, use some baits as biscuits or sweets that will drag the ants to the glue.

Finally, if you find it really serious to remove the carpenter ants on your own, call a professional now!