What Are the Important Factors You Should Consider When Building A Cottage

Who doesn’t want to spend their retirement life comfortably? Investing in a cottage is one of the best ways to plan your Retirement. By owning a cottage, you can enjoy leisure in a place that looks relaxing and scenic. Though you may drift towards a hassle-free way of purchasing a pre-existing structure, but there are numerous benefits of building one of your own.

Single floor

If you are looking for a cottage for senior member, then it is important to adopt a simpler layout. This will help them to live safely and peacefully. Single floor cottage will have no issues related to mobility. This type of design will prevent any need of stairs or the expensive installation of an elevator lift.

Wider hallways and doorways

Senior members who use wheelchair for commuting from one place to another would feel comfortable if rooms are wide. This will help in easy movement of wheelchair. It is advised to keep hallways two feet wider than normal size. Wider hallways and doorways allow easy and free navigation in the space.

Non-slip floor

Having a low pile carpeting or non-slip floors will help you make your cottage design safe and secure.

Large size of bathroom and bedroom

Most of the old designed cottages consist of tiny bathrooms that have little space for toilet, sink, and shower. Increase in the bathroom size can be a key help for senior people who use mobility devices. By designing large size rooms in cottage plan can leave inadequate space for the support bars installation.

Such future challenge can be avoided by allocating enhanced space for the bathroom. It’s also intelligent to consider the plumbing design and area essential to enable for a walk-in tub. It assists seniors to bathe while sitting and prevent mis happenings due to falls.

In the same way, a large size bedroom also provides more space for safety assists and mobility devices. You easily make an arrangement for commode close to the bed so that they don’t feel the discomfort of going to washroom during the night. In a large size bathroom, you can even leave sufficient space for bedroom furniture and safety equipment which you may require few years down the line.


To design a cottage from the foundation level implies to have everything just right beautifully and artistically. Considering these factors will help in creating a pleasant living environment that suits bodily change with age.