Why You Should Invest In Can-Am Spyder F3-S

Riding the latest Can-Am Spyder model “F3-S” is great fun. It is not just a motorcycle. It is designed for the segment of people who want motorcycle-like handling, and performance. If you are a person who can easily get habitual to a car, then it is not difficult to accustom yourself to the actual mechanics of Can-Am Spyder F3-S.

History of CAM Spyder F3 S

F3 as well as F3-S were introduced in the market last year but arrived in Australia during the month of June. This vehicle is registered as a motorcycle.

What is so great about CAM Spyder F3 S?

The F3 series is basically cruiser-based. To some, its appearance looks sporty. With sans screen and low slung, F3-S truly grabs the eyeballs of people. This three-wheeled platform implies a locked rear wheel in the middle corner for heading off the track in backward direction.

It is great to see how CAM Spyder F3-S gets around edges. Whether new or Spyder usagés, it comes with proper and adequate safety mechanisms such as a wide range of sensors, ABS and traction control.

On the smooth surface of the track, the bike steers gently and gives a little respite around the end. The three wheels in this bike does corner flat. Though with a little rider input, it leans into the edge by assisting in management of weight movement as centrifugal force pulls towards the rider.


The Spyder F3-S is fabulously built, looks awesome, and offers some significant basics such as a superior quality seat, for pillion and rider. Driving this bike is a safe experience. Some of the other mesmerizing features of this bike are:

  • “S” trim signature machine,
  • High sheen front wheels,
  • a solid black seat with red colored stitching,
  • premium front screen guards with LED lights, and
  • electronic cruise control
  • specifications are 1330cc, 115hp/130Nm
  • electronic modulation for rear and front brake
  • Bosch ABS control
  • brilliant brake performance
  • incredible stopping power

What is not so appealing in this bike?

One of the things that are not appreciated by riders is that every time one starts it, it asks the rider to acknowledge that they have read the electronic requirement manual.


CAM Spyder F3-S is best suited for people who are looking for some adventure in life and desire to try something different. In comparison to the other traffic present on the road, and keeping the other motorcycles aside, riding a CAM Spyder F3-S makes you the center of attention everywhere.